Best Areas in Melbourne for Commercial Construction


Melbourne is a world-famous coastal city located on the South-Eastern coast of Australia in the Victoria State. It is a city famous for the progress it has made in terms of infrastructure, education and transportation. It is divided into the east and the western parts of the cities with the east being posh and the west being affordable.

However, as Melbourne grew bigger, the difference in the amenities in the rich and the poor parts of the city have become more noticeable. People are ready to pay a premium to live closer to the Central Business District and other posh areas.

In the CBD, there are many options for commercial construction as they are constantly in demand from new shop owners, companies and retailers. If you pay attention next time you are driving through the CBD you will notice Melbourne has some of the largest cranes working on major construction sites. Note that, it is costly to live in a property close to the CBD.

These are some of the best and top Melbourne commercial sites:

  •  St.Kilda West

If you want to stay close to the beach and literally have it at your doorstep, then this is the area for you. It is just a little distance away from the Central Business District. To reach the CBD, it takes 30 minutes via public transportation and 20 minutes via the personal vehicle. The price point is still affordable compared to many affluent districts.

  •  Albert Park

This beautiful part of Melbourne is located just 3 kilometres from the Business District and can be accessed to the city centre through a 17-minute drive. The area is famous for its Victorian architecture and has many historically significant buildings and monuments. More than 70% of the schools in the city are in close proximity to Albert Park and more than 85% of the parks of the city are also in easy reach.

  • Seaholm

Seaholm is a part or rather an enclave of the larger suburb called Altona, it is a smaller area geographically, so the accessibility is higher. More than half the residents have schools and other education facilities close by and 99% of the homes in this area are extremely close to local parks.

  • Spotswood

If you want to stay close to the Victorian Science Museum, one of the most famous museums in the country and explore other famous points of the city, then this inner – west area is the one for you. It is situated about 22 minutes from the centre of the city and takes about 40 minutes via public transport.

  • Williamstown

This was the first seaport of Melbourne and since then, it has developed into a popular beachside suburb with an amazing historical charm to it. It is famous for its period style homes and even modern properties, blended together. If you want to reach Williamstown, it is 28 minutes from the centre of the city and takes 41 minutes via public transport. Almost all of the area has a park at a walking distance.

  • South Melbourne

South Melbourne is one of Melbourne’s inner commercial resident just located 2 kilometres from CBD and within easy reach of both the beach and the Yarra River. You are likely to already see many cranes on sites that are soon to be apartment and hotel complexes because of the amazing location of South Melbourne. Parks, education facilities and other properties are also located close-by.

  • How do you choose an investment for commercial construction in Melbourne?

Choosing an investment is a tough task in any city, let alone Melbourne. If you are planning to spend some on your property, these are the tips you must follow:

  • First, know the value of the property and then compare it with other properties that fall in the same price – point category.
  • Make sure you choose a location that has the potential for its value to be increased in the longer term.
  • Do considerable research for any other terms or conditions with respect to the property.


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