New technology used to improve hotel room services


Most people don’t know how to do things manually anymore. When booking a hotel room, they do it online. That’s why, to serve your guests in the best way, you should take into account the technology that you use at your hotel. Using great technology maximise guests overall experience, because it’s easier to book and things like that.

  • Booking

Your first interaction with the guest is on your online portal where they make their booking. So this is where you have to start. Your loyal clients deserve something extra. Based on the previous database, you can design different offers for your long-time customers, considering their purpose to visit, at the same time. Your management system should be designed to attract new customers, while keeping the old ones happy at the same time.

  • Apps

This management system can be further expanded to apps on which a customer can order food and ask for anything they need. Hospitality is your priority and this way the guests help you keep up with that priority. Complaints can be made in an app too, which will give you great feedback. The check-in and check out process and their feedback, and everything that connects you and your guest can be handled in an app. So easy!

Self-service kiosks also help people with checking in and getting the keys without any staff interaction.

  • Access

The housekeeping staff can help the customers with the systems developed to do the basic things like controlling the lighting and AC of the room. Also, as long as apps are involved, it becomes easy to assign rooms to housekeeping. So the comfort of the rooms lies in the hands of the staff as well as the guest. This helps with the time consuming tedious manual way of how hotels work. For example, if you offer helicopter flights over wineglass bay, you customers could book that in the app! 

Giving the guests access to make changes in their room’s features also acts as a trust exercise.

Voice-controlled rooms can help with lighting, draperies and the movement of TV screens as well.

  • The billing process

Associating any kind of payments to the hotel bill also helps. Here, whenever your guests go to restaurants to eat, they can make reservations using your hotel app and they can include the billing along with the hotel bills instead of paying individually at places.

  • Friendly bots

In place of apps, you can use bots as well, like displays on TV to introduce the guests to your hotel and its surroundings. It can also tell them about everything they get as a part of the package they have booked, and where they can get discounts if they make bookings through your app. Basically you just introduce them to places they can visit. Making them aware of the ease of going places.

Depending on the type of guests you have, these bots can set reminders for business meetings, help them schedule their tour around the area and maybe let them know of other business people like them if the guests choose to interact with others. For example, if you partner with a local luxury day spa in Tasmania, you could provide the customers with the details of this deal. It’s a win-win! 

  • Feedback

Receiving customer feedback become easier when people get apps and multiple-choice questions. You can ask them about the new technology and see how they like it, for example. This helps your marketing as well because the suggestions made by most of the hotel booking agencies are largely affected by customer feedback.

  • Human interaction

Interacting with the guests, for example, to have a look at the problems they might be facing with all the new things that you are introducing, is important. Plan a small one on one guide in the beginning, to introduce them to all that you offer is a good way to start. This also makes up for the fact that the guest might feel the need to interact with the staff in person – after all, people add a sense of hospitality and service to customers.

Technology is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. So do your best to introduce whatever you like and experiment with things on your guest’s suggestions.


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